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mini succulent pots

Mini Succulent Marvels


Introducing our Mini Succulent Marvels - the perfect gift for any occasion!


These little green warriors are individually wrapped and ready to give, making them a great option for special occasions such as Teachers’ Day and International Women’s Day.


They are also great as a unique wedding favour, adding a touch of greenery to any celebration.


As the succulent quote goes, "Succulents are like little green warriors, standing strong against the odds," making them a symbol of strength and resilience.


Give the gift of these Mini Succulent Marvels and watch them bring joy and positivity to any space.


(Minimum order of 10 Pieces)

For bulk orders, please drop us an email at



Our flowers vary daily due to seasons and inspiration, and so will your bouquet. What you receive will be different from the pictures that we show, as every flower, even in the same tone or colours, has its unique shades and tones. All pictures are only for colour reference and style. 

  • Care & Maintenance

    1. Succulents absolutely adore and love sunlight! Do remember to sun your succulent pots in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is less harsh, for a few hours and for 3 to 4 times a week before keeping them indoors. Do not place them directly in the hot sun (if you plan to keep the outdoors) as it might give them a sunburn!

    2. Water your succulents once every three weeks for this we kept indoors and once every two weeks for those kept outdoors. But if you see that the soil is still damp, skip watering for another day! Remember, do not overwater them!

    3. You can water the soil or roots directly. 

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