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tulips wrapped in a bouquet

Graceful Tulip Symphony of Beauty


The Graceful Tulip Symphony of Beauty embodies the light-hearted and easy-going spirit with its delicate and elegant appearance.


As the quintessential flower of spring, the tulip is a joyful and happy-looking bloom that brings a sense of comfort and coziness to any bouquet.

Its vibrant colors and graceful shape make it an ideal flower for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings.


Add a touch of beauty and happiness to your floral arrangement with the timeless elegance of the Graceful Tulip Symphony of Beauty.


  • Pink Tulips (caring & good wishes)
  • White Tulips (purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect)
  • Purple Tulips (Royal & Rebirth)
  • Yellow Tulips (Brightness, Sunshine and the start of spring)


Our flowers varies daily due to seasons and inspiration, and so will your bouquet. What you receive will be different from the pictures that we show, as every flower, even in the same tone or colours, have their unique shades and tones. All pictures are only for colour references and style. 

Wrapper Choice
Colour of Tulips
  • Care & Maintenance

    1. Place your flower arrangements in the best location. Keeping them in the right place can directly impact the life of the flowers. Place your fresh flowers in shaded and cool areas, away from direct sunlight and heat will help preserved their freshness. Remember, cooler is better with the expection of tropical blooms which prefers heat and humidity.

    2. If you would like to transfer your wrapped bouquets into a vase, do unwrap them gently and with care.

    3. Fresh and clean water helps keeps your flowers alive longer. Do trim at least half inch of stem off your flowers before you arrange them in a vase and each time you change the water. Replace the water in your vase daily. If you have dying foliage, be sure to remove it as it may contaminate the healthy flowers.

    4. Avoid placing your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables as they give off ethylene gas which causes flowers to deteriorate.

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